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Mr. David Phillips and Mr. Neil Bush join Jiangn.. Date£º2018-3-22
Mr. Xu Junsheng,Chairman of the Group visited th.. Date£º2018-3-22
Saudi Aramco, the World's Largest Oil Company vi.. Date£º2018-1-30
Jiangnan Environmental Protection Group Inc. and.. Date£º2018-1-19
Group Chairman Mr. Xu Met with Mr. Hideaki Koyan.. Date£º2018-1-19
The AES Corporation visited JET¡¯s Project and wi.. Date£º2017-12-11
World Energy Center Welcomed the Green Wind of J.. Date£º2017-12-6
Chairman Xu Junsheng Met with Neil Bush, US - Bo.. Date£º2017-11-22
Chairman Xu Junsheng Met with Chairman and CEO o.. Date£º2017-11-22
JNEP 2016 Awards Ceremony & 2017 New Year Conven.. Date£º2017-1-24
Thank-you letter from Ningbo Wanhua Chemistry Th.. Date£º2016-12-30
JNEP leads the modification of Fossil Power Plan.. Date£º2016-10-8
Commendatory Letter From Thermal Power Departmen.. Date£º2016-7-2
JNEP: 18 Years Constant Pursuing, for the Dream .. Date£º2016-5-28
JNEP Ultra-low Emission Technology Well-Recogniz.. Date£º2016-4-26
JNEP Cooperates with China Salt on Thermal Power.. Date£º2016-3-31

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