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Commendatory Letter From Thermal Power Department of Z.. Date£º2016-7-2
Baoji project of Xuzhou Coal Mining Group runs stably,.. Date£º2015-3-6
Fujian Tianchen sent a letter of thanks for stable ope.. Date£º2015-1-21
CNSIC Kunshan sent a letter of thanks Date£º2015-1-19
Cornell Project Manager, Ti Yunming Award 2014 Annual .. Date£º2015-1-13
Inner Mongolia Connell Project Was Given Excellent Qua.. Date£º2014-12-1
Xinjiang Markor Chemical sent a thanks letter Date£º2014-11-25
Cornell Project Obtained Quality Award and Safety Awar.. Date£º2014-10-8
Shanxi Lu¡¯An Thermal Power Device Ammonia Flue Gas Des.. Date£º2014-5-19
Datang Hexigten Project Sent a Thanks Letter for Smoot.. Date£º2014-5-8
Wanhua Yantai Industrial Park chlor-alkali and Thermal.. Date£º2014-4-22
Shaanxi Changqing Energy & Chemical sent a commendator.. Date£º2014-4-18
Thermal power project of CNSG Anhui Hong Sifang was sm.. Date£º2014-1-23
Wanhua Yantai Industrial Park chlor-alkali and Thermal.. Date£º2013-10-28
Celebrate Successful Capping of Sichuan Coal Gasificat.. Date£º2013-6-3
Hongyang thermal power project 2# tower was successful.. Date£º2013-5-22

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